Hey there

We love developing products. Thanks to the latest technologies like AWS, reactjs, we have a great possibility to build features that take months to weeks. Scalable and maintable projects are easy if the right stack is chosen.

I believe we can develop almost any web and mobile apps (nongaming ones). We have the expertise, thanks to the plethora of technologies that are available.

Our cost model: It is fixed for small websites or apps that take less than a month to develop. We prefer the retainer model that costs 3800$ for two developers per month. This lets you change the scope and be flexible in our work.

Feel free to contact vysakh [at] pipesort [dot] com for a 15 min call to discuss possibilities.


Here's what you should do now



Contact us by clicking on the contact page or email us [vysakh [at] pipesort.com]. Have a google doc with your rough requirements. Draw some screens by hand or using tools like Figma.

We will reply to your email and ask for your requirements. When you send that docs or screens, we will get an idea if we can do or if there are existing solutions that you can use like wix.com or shopify.com instead of us developing one for you.


Zoom call

Once we are done communicating in email with requirements. We can get on a Zoom call to discuss further the idea. We can prioritize the features, we can segregate into different phases. You can tell us what is important to you, what you want to achieve.

We will discuss more about the phase1, the timeline, features. I'll then email you the quote



We take an advance of 30% of the quote. Once you send us the payment, we will begin the development of the phase 1. We will send you an update once every two weeks. If it is a mobile app we will send you an apk build, for websites, we will send you the website URL of the features done so far.

If you have any enhancements that don't take us more than a day, we will include it, we will be flexible. If there are requirements that were not added initially, involves lot of days, we have to quote separately or include in subsequent phases.



Once the features are done and the app is live, we will continue to do bug fixes for free for 2 months after the project is live. After 3 months, we charge a flat fee of $700 for maintenance. We will leave you to pay directly for the software services (server, storage, hosting) For new features, we will create another quote and repeat the process.